The aim of the “The Coach Approach” is to open a conversation among Christian Coaches around current and relevant coaching topics such as: recent observations, coaching insights, coaching in the popular culture, helpful coaching literature, and successes and challenges as Christian Coaches.  We strive to be a catalyst in building community among coaches who’ve participated in CAM training, and supporting you as you move forward in your ministries and careers.



What is A Coach Approach?


It is a mindset

  • With a coach approach, you will think differently about those you serve.
  • You will believe there is untapped potential in individuals, in teams, in your church, and everywhere you look in the body of Christ.
  • You will want them the reach greater heights in all aspects of their lives than they ever have and that may mean they will venture out in ways you have never personally gone before.
  • You will value the unique solutions that they identify for themselves over the suggestions that you could have made from your own experience.

It is an application of process and competencies

  • It involves focusing on serving others through listening, encouraging and prompting them to discover all of what God has created them to be.
  • It imitates Jesus’ interactions with people through deep connection, thought provoking questions, and insistence on personal responsibility for action.
  • It involves asking questions powerful enough to promote real-time learning experiences for each participant.
  • It involves creating an environment for the Holy Spirit’s guidance of both you and those you serve in this process.   

It can be applied to many aspects of ministry.

  • A Coach Approach can become an individual lifestyle for interacting with individuals along your path.
  • A Coach Approach can become a way to revitalize church staff, boards, lay leaders, teams and ministries.
  • A Coach Approach can become such a life-giving part of a community of believers that it becomes a part of the culture.
  • A Coach Approach can become the way that those who don’t believe in Christ yet are attracted to a life of following Jesus.

If you’d like to learn more about coaching or about how to take a coach approach in your own life and ministry, contact us.