Anxiously Searching . . .

Not long ago I was reading my Bible and came across the story of when Jesus was left behind by his family in Jerusalem (Luke 2).  After they had traveled an entire day’s journey away from the city, his parents noticed that Jesus wasn’t among their fellow travelers.  And after what must have been a frantic trip back, it took them three long days of searching to find him.

When they finally located him in the temple talking with the teachers, the Bible says Jesus was listening to the scholars and asking questions.  Wow!  As soon as I read this, my mind went into coaching mode.  Hmmm … listening and asking questions.  Intrigued, I read on.

Once Mary sees that Jesus is alive and well she declares, “Your father and I have been anxiously searching for you.”  When I read her words, I started thinking of all the people I have coached who have been anxiously searching for something.  They may be looking for perspective, clarity, or focus of some type, but often they are as anxious and uncomfortable as Mary and Joseph must have been.

As I read on, three additional phrases caught my attention—“didn’t you know,” “they did not understand,” and “Mary treasured all these things in her heart.”  And the coach in me perked up again!

 As coaches, we do our best to come alongside our clients, listening and asking questions to help them discover what they know or need to know about the situation they are being coached around. As they make discoveries and think them through, they begin to see from new perspectives and gain the clarity and focus they are searching for.  And, as their understanding grows, their new findings are pondered, tested through action steps, and finally treasured in their transformed hearts.

This story triggers at least four or five good questions we can ask those who are anxiously searching for something.  What are you searching for?  Where are you looking?  What have you already found?  How are your findings affecting you?  When are you going to apply what you’ve learned?

Know anyone anxiously searching?