Lord, I need a dream worth giving my life to.

I need a life worth waking up to each morning.

I need a mission bigger than me.

I want to believe for not only me, but also for this world.



(A Prayer by Erwin McManus)

I love the bigness of this prayer. To help someone paint a vast mural for their life and then help them get there is the stuff of this coach’s dreams. This is how I think about my own life – I’m a “big picture’ kind of person. But often my clients don’t aspire to this level. The issues they bring to the conversation seem mundane and small as I view them through my “BHAG” filter (big hairy audacious goal). I want them to want more. I’m locked and loaded for a coaching exchange that promises to catapult them to the stratosphere, and beyond. But to my dismay, that’s not what they are looking for. They want some smaller and, in my estimation, less significant outcome.

But who am I to determine that those small things aren’t able to clear the way to a new dream or make their life more worth waking up to each day? Zechariah 4:10 warns me not to “despise the day of small things” because the small things are forerunners of more significant things –missions that are bigger than me, bigger than my client. 

The road is paved with small things that will make or break us – those tolerations and obstacles that drain our hope, piling on stress and exasperation, but ultimately proving our mettle. It seems that all those “small things” just might serve a grand and divine purpose that I’m going to miss as I prematurely herd my poor clients toward bigger (but not better) goals.  What’s worse is, my client will miss it too.

I will be reminding myself of the Zechariah passage before my next coaching session – because the small stuff counts.