shy_000I was coaching a client recently who talked about wanting people to remember her and being constantly disappointed when they didn’t. Her expectations were dashed repeatedly when she would see someone who didn’t remember her name.

This made me think of a time several years ago when I was hired by a new company as an employee and met a lot of people in a short period of time. One night I was in DC at a book signing, and someone from our company came up to me and asked if I remembered her name. I was horrified. I definitely recognized her but had no idea who she was. Because of the approach, both of us were embarrassed.

I shared this experience with my client and she realized that by shifting her approach, she didn’t need to be disappointed. Several weeks later, she told me that it wasn’t an issue any more. She was using a different approach, starting with, “Hi, I’m Sarah, and it’s great to see you again.” She was shocked when several people responded with , “Of course I know who you are….”

Isn’t coaching fun? And, as part of God’s economy, we get to help people make minor shifts to create whole new experiences, and we get to be reminded of learnings we’ve had from the past. The best part of this story is the reminder that God always knows our name. That’s not something we have to worry about. Ever.