I’m sitting at home this evening – during commercials of House – thinking about a couple of conversations I had today. I spoke with two new coaching clients who have in recent weeks completed their first coach training classes and are looking forward to experiencing and learning more about coaching.

I have these same conversations every time I begin a new coaching relationship – particularly with those who are interested in learning about coaching while being coached. And it happens every time…..

In my years as a coach and coach trainer I sometimes think I’ve seen/heard it all…. no, not in terms of the issues raised or the questions asked….but in the way others see coaching and how it might play out in their context.  And every time I start thinking that there is nothing new under the sun in terms of how coaching can be used in ministry settings, I get my socks knocked off!

That happened again today… twice.

Both new clients from earlier today are currently serving in ministry settings….albeit VERY different settings.

One is back in the US after a number of years on the mission field and is now serving God by training others to go. The other pastors a local church in a fairly traditional setting. Both have served God and the church for many years. Neither is satisfied with the status quo.

As we talked today, each shared their dreams about how coaching might play a part in their future ministry efforts. Each saw coaching as a useful and valuable tool for equipping others to do the work God is calling them to do. And each of them encouraged me yet again by their passion for finding new ways to tell an old, old story.

It happens every time!